Supply Change Meets CDP Forests: Benefiting from Annual Disclosure


Forest Trends, in collaboration with CDP, Ecosystem Marketplace and WWF, present the Supply Change project as a transformational resource for businesses, investors, governments, and the civil society organizations that support and hold them accountable; providing real-time information on the extent and value of commitment-driven commodity production and demand. Public CDP disclosures are one of the primary sources of information being used by Supply Change to inform corporate profiles on the platform. By disclosing deforestation information through CDP in 2014, more than 160 companies informed investors and other stakeholders about the commitments being made to tackle deforestation in their operations and supply chains.


CDP’s 2015 disclosure cycle is underway, and on the call Jillian Gladstone, Manager of Disclosure Services at CDP, informed companies on how they can use CDP’s standardized platform to provide transparency into the management of deforestation risk to a variety of end users including Supply Change, as well as nearly 300 institutional investors.

Amy Braun, Senior Sustainability Manager with Kellogg Company talked about why Kellogg discloses to CDP information on forest risk commodities, the value of public disclosure and the benefits of Supply Change.

Stephen Donofrio, Advisor at Supply Change, moderated the webinar and provided updates on Supply Change, development plans and opportunities for collaboration.

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