An estimated 50-70% of soy exports (approximately 31 million tons) have displaced forests in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay. Soy is a feed source for chickens and pigs, and thus tracks closely with meat, dairy, and egg consumption. It is also used in a variety of products, from snack foods to candles to biofuels to chemicals. Some companies have made commitments to reduce the impact of their production and purchase of soy, soy oil, and soy meal.

Certified Area (Hectares)
Export Value of Commodities from Deforestation (USD)*
Entities Profiled
$32.03 billion
  • 80 Soy
  • 19 Soy Meal
  • 02 Soy Oil
  • 02 Plantations
  • 01 Soy Derivatives

Profiles *

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