Ten things you should know to stop banks funding controversial land deals

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Failure of Indonesia's palm oil commitment 'not bad news' [commentary]

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The Soy Moratorium, 10 years on: How one commitment is stopping Amazon destruction

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US investors ploughing billions into palm oil, claims report

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Innovative new web tool empowers citizen investor action on deforestation

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Study concludes conservation NGOs might be better off working outside the RSPO

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On eve of Olympics, Amazon deforestation surges in Brazil

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United Nations Finds That Greenhouse Gases Are Increasing from Agriculture

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"Supply Change: Tracking Corporate Commitments to Deforestation-free Supply Chains, 2016" Read More

Global Market Overview

A summary of key indicators on global commodity commitments *

Certified Area (Hectares)
Export Value of Commodities from Deforestation (USD)*
Entities Profiled
$96.8 billion
Commitment Count By Commodity
Cumulative Commitments by Company Supply Chain Role
Commitment Count By Industry

Profiles *

Which entities are stepping up - and how do they measure up?

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