An estimated 60% of palm oil exports (approximately 16 million tons) have displaced forests in Indonesia and Malaysia since 2000. Palm oil is used in a variety of products, from snack foods to personal care products to biofuels and chemicals. While oil palm is the highest-yielding vegetable oil crop, plantation expansion has been linked to deforestation. The key products include palm fruit, crude palm oil, palm kernel oil, and palm oil derivatives.

Certified Area (Hectares)
Export Value of Commodities from Deforestation (USD)*
Entities Profiled
$24.83 billion
  • 302 Palm Oil
  • 09 Plantations
  • 06 Palm Fruit
  • 05 Palm Derivatives
  • 04 Crude Palm Oil
  • 04 Crude Palm Kernal Oil
  • 03 Palm
  • 01 Palm Kernal Meal
  • 01 Palm Oil Derivatives
  • 01 Palm Kernel Oil Derivatives

Profiles *

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